Membership Application

The Mathematics Council of the Alberta Teachers' Association

To join or to renew your MCATA membership, please check out the ATA site on how to receive your first specialist council membership for free.It is the quickest way to sign up, no paper work, no stamps and no waiting.

If this is not your first membership, the table below shows the cost of 1 year membership.The membership fee may change without notice.

Regular Membership
Members of the ATA as specified in the ATA bylaws.  All such members are entitled to full privileges of  council membership including the right to vote or to hold office and to receive all publications.

1 Year Regular


Student Membership
Student members of the ATA may join this council, receiving all publications and are entitled to all benefits and services except the right to vote or hold offices.

1 Year


Persons who are not ATA members as specified in the ATA bylaws.  Such members receive all publications, benefits and services of council membership except the right to vote or hold office.

1 Year


Associate Membership

Associate membership is granted to the following persons upon application and payment of the prescribed fee: (a) superintendents of schools employed by school boards; (b) teachers employed by the Government of Alberta; (c) members of the faculties of education of the universities in Alberta; (d) teachers employed as faculty members in public colleges; (e) teachers engaged in teacher education in private colleges affiliated with any of the universities in Alberta; (f) teachers in private schools or kindergartens; (g) teachers in schools within the province operated by the Government of Canada; (h) teachers employed by the Association or any of its local associations; (i) unemployed teachers; (j) teachers pursuing further studies on a full-time basis; (k) retired teachers; (l) teachers employed in community education programs operated by agencies other than school boards; (m) teachers employed by the Alberta Teachers' Retirement Fund Board; (n) teachers employed by charter schools; (o) persons not eligible for active membership employed by school boards as social workers, psychologists, therapists or clinicians; (p) other persons or classes of persons which the Provincial Executive Council may designate, from time to time, subject to the ratification of the Annual Representative Assembly. In addition, the Teaching Profession Act allows certain central office staff members to elect associate membership.

Associate members have the right to vote and, subject to the bylaws, have the right to hold office in the Association. However, they are not subject to the Associationís disciplinary provisions.


1 Year