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  • Alberta Achievement Test Information for gardes 3, 6, and 9 in Language Arts, French Language Arts, Mathematics, Mathematiques, Social Studies, and Science. This site is currently under development, but will contain test results, test information, samples of student work , etc. Check back often to see what has been added to this site.

  • Alberta Diploma Examinations - Grade 12 Diploma Examination Archive with answer keys.

  • Helping Your Child Learn Math. Published by the US Department of Education, but closely related to the Alberta Mathematics Curriculum for kindergarten to grade 6. Contains numerous mathematics activities that parents can explore with their children.

  • Our Students, Our Future. A new publication that provides an overview of of the education system in Alberta, kindergarten to grade 12.

  • Parents, Your First Teachers! Contains information on schools and school choices, student results and assessment, and curriculum resources. Follow the Curriculum Resources link to access the Curriculum Handbooks for Parents for grades k to 9.

  • WebMath  is a math-help site that aims to provide immediate help over the Internet with a particular math problem that children might be facing.

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